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About Us

We hope that you will find Fivehead Baptist Church to be a warm and friendly group of people. We gather from the village of Fivehead itself as well as from a number of the surrounding communities in this beautiful part of South Somerset. We love the fact that there are people of all ages from all sorts of backgrounds who meet together regularly.

Our times together on Sundays are pretty informal, with a focus on being encouraged, challenged and transformed by what the Bible teaches about the relationship that God wants us to have with Him and the way that He wants to help us to live our lives to the full. You can get a sense of who we are from our Vision & Values statements – a brief set of words that try to capture who we as a church are trying to be!

You can take a look at what part of the Bible we are looking at over the coming months by looking here to find the Sunday Plan. Of course there is more to us than Sundays. Take a look at the Church Life section of the website to see what else is happening.