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You can listen to all our Sunday sermons here. It's not as good as being there yourself, but great if you missed it or want to listen again!

For help using these podcasts please email us!

How to listen

  1. You can 'subscribe' to the podcast so, when a new sermon is available, your computer will automatically download it for you. Subscribing is free. To subscribe you will need a special bit of software, such as iTunes or Juice, that will automatically download the sermon for you.
    If you use iTunes, just click the link on the right. If you're using another podcast receiver, copy and paste this address: into it or use the 'Podcast Feed' link on the right.
    Although it's called a 'podcast', you don't need an iPod to use a podcast. You can add podcast files on most mp3 players - or just listen to it on your computer.
  2. You can also listen to or download the sermons (without 'subscribing'). To listen online, just click on the silver 'Play' button under the sermon title you want to hear. To download a sermon, right-click the 'Download the Sermon' link and choose 'Save Link As...' or 'Save Target As' or 'Download Linked File As...'.

If you are having problems using the podcast or downloading the sermons, please email us.