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Toilet Twinning

Get a bog in Burundi, a kazi in Cambodia or a WC in the DRC!

When 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to clean sanitation, it is great to see an organisation that is doing something about this. Toilet Twinning is such an organisation and we are thrilled that patrons of The Stable have already been supporting this through tips left.

£60 enables us to twin a toilet in our building with one in a developing country, giving a community the chance to have safe access to facilities that we take for granted. So far, thanks to the generosity of our guests in the cafe, we have been able to twin two toilets. Thank you. We would love to continue to support this in the coming months and it would be great if we could enable the word to spread too.

As well as the link to the website above, why not follow them on Twitter